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Personal Pension


What are the benefits?

  • ppDoctorTax-free benefits accrue to you on contributions made to your PersonalPension Account. Contributions to your PersonalPension are deducted before tax is applied to your income.
  • Contribute up to 20% of your income to your PersonalPension. Increase your tax deductibles by contributing the maximum.
  • Earn returns on your PersonalPension Account absolutely tax-free. All the investment gains earned by your PersonalPension Account are guaranteed tax-free.

Why do you need the PersonalPension?

  • Secure Your Future
    The earlier you start saving for retirement the longer you will have to accumulate those crucial savings to fund your lifestyle once you have stopped working.
  • Quality of life Matters
    Your quality of life in retirement will depend largely on how early you start and how well you invest. Make no mistake, this is one of the most important investments you will ever make. Do not waste a minute!

ppCoupleCreate your own personalized portfolio

  • Diversify your investments
    Choose from a range of investments to suit your risk tolerance and time horizon. An investment advisor will assist you in making your selection and will be available to offer you further advice.
  • Benefit from our track record of service and performance and supercharge your retirement savings today by opening  a BPM PersonalPension Account.

Your PersonalPension

  • Provides a secure way to accumulate savings for retirement
  • Allows for maximum tax-free benefits through tax deductible contributions
  • Contribute up to 20% of your income
  • Make gains on investments tax-free

Who is eligible?

  • Jamaican Residents
  • Ages 18-65
  • Self employed or Contract worker
  • Employed but not in a company sponsored pension fund
  • Not a member of another Individual Retirement Account

BPM PersonalPension Application Form


Balanced Portfolio


Balance your portfolio and let diversification work for you.

Equity Portfolio


Designed for the long-term investor. This investment provides a good hedge against inflation.

Fixed Income Portfolio


A bond portfolio comprising mainly of G.O.J bonds that yields steady returns.

Nest Egg Account

Use time as your ally and the power of compounding to help your investment grow tax-free.

$US Dollar Maximizer

Invest regular US$ amounts consistently. A little goes a long way!

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