About BPM Financial

BPM Financial Ltd. (BPM) was founded in 1993 and is a privately-owned investment company. The company is currently licensed as a Securities Dealer, Investment Manager and Pension Fund Administrator and is regulated by the Financial Services Commission (FSC) of Jamaica. In 2008 the company was rebranded as BPM Financial Ltd. when it relocated to its present Holborn Road head office. In September 2011, BPM opened its sub-branch in Montego Bay, to provide greater convenience and serve the needs of Western Jamaica. BPM has consistently strived to realize its vision of supporting the “average” Jamaican to create long term wealth for themselves and their families. Our core philosophy is that, each person can invest no matter their income, and our mission is to provide products that facilitate as many persons participating in the wealth creation process as possible.

BPM is committed to educating Jamaicans in the process of how wealth is created and has spearheaded a number of programmes, through various media, to provide information to the general public on wealth creation and investments. As such BPM Financial has sought to differentiate its products and services by offering a wide range of unique savings and investment products. The company has built strong relationships with its customers which has led to its success in a very competitive environment.

Through the use of innovation, creativity and technology BPM Financial has delivered strong gains for its clients through enlightened investment planning which have yielded solid returns on investment. Annual average growth rates for its portfolios range from 10.66% to 20.54% (2000 – 2018). BPM also manages a global portfolio of stocks which has consistently exceeded the performance of S&P index for the past six years. As Investment Managers, the company provides investment advice to Individuals, Corporations and Pension Fund Trustees, and serves a growing client base of individual clients and companies.