BPM Financial Limited - Complaints Handling Policy

BPM Financial Limited (BPM), seeks to deliver high quality professional services. BPM is also committed to maintaining its responsiveness to the needs and concerns of our clients.

The Complaints Handling Policy is designed to provide guidance on the manner in which BPM receives and handles complaints made against us and our employees. The objective of the Policy is to assist us in resolving complaints in an efficient, effective and professional manner.

What is a Complaint?

BPM appreciates that on occasion clients may not be satisfied with the service they receive. We recognize the right of any client to raise an issue or make a complaint and we are committed at all levels of the organization to their efficient, impartial and courteous resolution.

In accordance with International Standards, a complaint under this Policy is defined as follows:

“An expression of dissatisfaction made to an organization, related to its products, to its services, to its employees, or the complaints-handling process itself, where a response or resolution is explicitly or implicitly expected.”

Any person or organization (the Complainant) who is dissatisfied with a product or service provided by the firm, for any reason, may contact BPM Financial to complain. A complaint may be oral or written. At times, complaints can be by way of negative feedback, which may not require a resolution or formal follow-up. While this type of feedback is valuable, the Policy does not apply to feedback of this nature.


Handling a Complaint

a) How a complaint may be made

Where a complaint is about a particular product or service, the complainant should make their complaint orally, by letter, email or fax. Where possible, complaints should be made in writing so that the details of the complaint are clear and complete. Written complaints should be addressed to:

The Managing Director
BPM Financial Ltd.
1A Holborn Road,
Kingston 10.
Fax: (876) 926-0849

Email: complaints@bpmfinancial.com


b) What information is required when making a complaint?

When making a complaint, please complete a Client Complaint Form , providing us with the following information:

  • Your full name, and contact details.
  • Name of agent or representative of complainant, if applicable.
  • Account Number
  • The nature of the complaint (including when the conduct giving rise to the complaint occurred)
  • Details of the BPM Financial employee involved (if applicable)

N.B. Please include copies of any documentation supporting the complaint.


c) Acknowledgement of Complaints

We are committed to acknowledging all complaints immediately upon receipt. Once a complaint has been received, we will undertake an initial review of the complaint. We will endeavour to resolve complaints within five (5) working days of receiving the complaint, and preferably at the first point of contact. In the case of complex complaints, which are those that cannot be resolved/managed at the first point of contact and are generally of a more serious or complex nature, these will be referred to a manager. Complex complaints typically require cross functional collaboration to resolve, a number of interactions or discussions with the complainant and may involve commitment of resources. A manager will contact the complainant on receipt of the complex complaint. BPM will seek to achieve a resolution within ten (10) working days of receipt.

BPM will seek to advise complainants before working day 10 (if the complaint cannot be resolved within 10 working days), the complainant will be provided with reasons for the delay and a timeframe for resolution. Where resolution is not possible, the complainant will be advised of other options.


d) Complainant’s Rights During the Complaint Process

The complainant has the right to enquire as to the status of his/her complaint by contacting the BPM representative who has been handling their complaint.


e) Response to a Complaint

Once we have reviewed your complaint, we will provide you with a written response.