How Investing Builds Wealth

Have you ever wondered why some investors have tremendous success with their portfolios – meeting or exceeding their financial goals – while so many others struggle?

Investors fail because they either aren’t using a proven system or strategy or perhaps they can’t be consistent, and instead they get caught up with the euphoria of buying when prices are high, like when the stock market is going up and fall into a state of despondency and sell when markets are falling and prices are low.

In short, this is not how money is made.

Let us explain:

This investor has a system of adding to their investments and leaving the investment to grow always profits.

Balanced Portfolio: An investment in stocks and bonds.

Opened: April 2006 - $ 219,000.00

Added: Year 2007 - $ 700.000.00

Added: Year 2008 - $1,300,000.00 - Year of the global financial crisis 2008 - 2009

Added: Year 2011 - $ 70,000.00

Total Investment $2,345,000.00

Value Today: $8,000,000.00

The question to ask yourself is, can you implement a system that can work for you so you can keep investing year after year and not try to “time the market” but “spend time in the market”.

Why is that important? This is what investing is all about. “Investing Builds Wealth”.

Investing Builds Wealth

Investing builds wealth but it is a learnt behaviour. Our environment has a part to play and influences how we think about money.

Some people come from families where they were taught to save, but it never went farther than putting the money into a savings account at the bank. The family never invested to grow their wealth.

Some people come from families where saving and investing is not a priority, they live it up and only think about living for today. Consumption was their mantra. If a strong wind blows or a crisis occurs…. They had nothing to fall back on.

Some people come from families where investing is part of what they do. They talk money. They plan their finances and they teach the next generation about investing and making more money on the money that they will earn in their own working life, and on money they will inherit.

When you think about the kind of financial environment you grew up in, you can decide if you are served well, by what your family has done. Or you may decide now, that you are an adult and making your own financial decisions, on which strategy you wish to use.

Patience produces rewards in the long-term.


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